Robert Navarro


Robert Navarro was born in New York City where he started his career as a pianist, arranger, producer, and therapeutic recreation specialist. Robert graduated from City College with a Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) in Music. Robert attended Manners College of Music (Extension Division for Jazz Studies), and Manhattan School of Music (Classical Studies) during his undergraduate years. He later received a Master of Arts (MA) from New York University.Robert studied privately with jazz great, Jackie Byrd (jazz piano and Big Band arranging), as well as Harold Danko, John Lewis, Valerie Caper, Ed Summerlin (jazz arranging), Ron Carter (jazz improvisation). Robert’s engineering education was achieved by studying under two of the most respected engineers in the music business, John Fausty and Kurt Upper.

Watch the Multicultural Orchestra conducted by Robert Navarro

In 1982, Robert formed the band Grupo Fascinacion featuring Johnny Rivera and Tito Gonzales as lead singers. Grupo Fascinacion recorded three LP’s under Rico Records. Robert had two productions for Tipica 88 singers Jorge Maldonado, and Tito Gonzalez, recorded under Cotona Records. Robert negotiated a mechanical license with the Tipica 88 “Feria de la Salsa” production with record company Sonoluz for distribution in Columbia and Ecuador.

Robert co-produced two records for Charanga America where he did most of the arrangements and has produced three records for Santiago Ceron, a Dominican artist under three different labels: Combo, Leomar and Exclusivo Records. Robert worked with Luis Ramirez in a production where he served as musical director for Fania record titled “Onda Tipica” with Tony Fuentes and Papy Roman. Robert participated in arrangements and piano duets with Oscar Hernandez. He has produced a song for Jose Mangual Jr. LP Que Lo Diga El Tiempo, for the song titled “Dos Amigos”.

In 1997 Robert decided to start his own production company, RNR Productions, Inc. and produced “Cathy Navedo” for Exclusivo Records. He recorded and co-produced for Eddie Palmieri a project for “The Ballet Hispanico Puertorriqueno” and did studio work with Larry Harlow. Robert also recorded and co-produced for Angelo Pagan actor in the movie “Starfish,” this was Angelo’s first record production for Morrowland Records in California. Other recorded artists were Tipica 88 and Conjunto Clasico: “Quiereme” and “The 25 Anniversary” featuring Tito Nieves. This production was under the Warner Latina label and was nominated for a Latin American Grammy in 2004. On December 2007 he received a Grammy as an arranger with Bobby Cruz “Romanticos de Ayer, Hoy y Siempre” Song “Envidia”

Robert has performed with legendary artists Johnny Pacheco, Conjunto Clasico, Jose Mangual Jr., Pete “Conde” Rodriguez, Charanga America, Angel Canales, Azuquita, Machito and Orquesta, Mon Rivera, and Willie Colon. He has toured with Celia Cruz (South America) Ray Barreto (European tour 1989), Grupo Fascinacion, Frankie Ruiz (South America tour), Eddie Santiago (European tour 2004), Santiago Ceron, and local orchestra groups.

Robert relocated to Port Saint Lucie 2007. He teaches guitar, piano, violin, theory and music technology. Robert spends most of his time composing, producing, mixing and mastering recordings. He is presently studying classical literature piano pedagogy with Tetyana Kuliusy P.H.D. graduated from the Tchaikovsky Kiev Conservatory in Russia.